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The House of Avery

I’m always touched by the messages I get.

Those saying I helped them through lockdown, cheered them up or picked them out of a slump.

And honestly? That makes my day.

I love making my blogs and videos as much as you enjoy laughing with them.

And I would LOVE to do even more.

I also want to keep everything I do 100% ad-free.

I get daily offers to hawk some godawful products on here. At times I’ve been tempted. Who wouldn’t want (basically) free money?

But I made the decision ages ago not to do advertising on my website or social media.

Apart from looking like a complete herbert trying to sell you the latest pneumatic double-breast pump from Tommee Tittee, it just doesn’t fit with what I’m doing.

Although now I think about it, me sporting a double-breast pump would be quite a funny picture…

But you get my drift.

Quite a few of you have asked and in December I took the plunge.

I’m super excited to have finally launched my own page on Patreon, a platform that allows people to support content creators and enjoy tonnes of extra, exclusive content.

If you’d like to support what I do and help keep it ad-free, check it out here.

In return, I’ll give you some sweet rewards like:

  • Exclusive, bonus content every month

  • Personalised video message from me

  • Early access to videos & blogs

  • Peek behind the scenes - see how my stuff comes together

  • Monthly Q&A - ask me anything!

  • Help me decide on future content ideas


Check it out here. And any questions, just let me know!

Sam x


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