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Lonely Mouth Blog: Preview

There’s a brilliant Japanese word: kuchisabishii.

It’s translation is simply ’Lonely mouth.’

My mouth isn’t lonely at the moment. Quite the opposite. There was an illegal rave in my gob about twenty minutes ago (Jaffa cakes, ham and a pork pie if you’re interested) and in the end I had to call the police (Rennies) to settle it all down.

But we all know the feeling.

You’re sitting on the sofa and there’s nothing on the telly.

You’re not hungry. You don’t require sustenance. You’re not even bored.

But your mouth just feels a bit, well - lonely.

So after the excess of Christmas, I want to put my own mouth through some enforced isolation. And for the entire month of January, I plan to live my life without snacking.

I know. Heavy.

I’ll be documenting my progress (or lack thereof) in my brand new blog, coming to this very website from 1st January. (Join my mailing list to get each blog sent lovingly to your inbox.)

I’m calling it ‘The Lonely Mouth’ blog and it’s gonna be a laugh.

Because misery = comedy, right?

Join me every night at 9pm. Tell your friends. (But please be careful tagging people as it *may* come across a bit ‘fat shamey’ )

And let me tell you this - if my mouth is taking a vow of celibacy from the start of Jan, until that very instant it’s gonna be banging everyone in sight like a shithouse door*

Sam x

*Metaphorically speaking

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